The Departmental main achievements till-to-date are as under:


1 Research Papers (National and International) 1700
2 Research, Reference, Edited and Text Books 16
3 Major/Minor Research Projects Completed 35
4 Ph. D. Degrees Awarded 110
5 M. Phil. Degrees Awarded 131
6  M. Sc. Pass-outs 1335
9 Jammu and Kashmir SET 8
10 Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS) 29
11 Assistant Conservator Forest (ACF) 3

 Future Plans


This year the Department is introducing new field of specialization at M. Sc IVth Semester level i.e. Wildlife Ecology and Management. 


•The Department is planning to carry out research work in the field of Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics and Immunology.


•The up-gradation of class rooms and laboratories with modern teaching facility and equipments shall be the priority of the Department in future.


•The Department is planning to renovate the animal house and also to construct insectarium in order to further strength the research activities of the Department.


•The Department also intends to introduce P.G. Diplomas in various courses such as: 

(a) Parasitology

(b) Fish Farming

(c) Integrated Pest Management

(d) Animal Ecology & Environmental Pollution.