Although the origin of life remains a mystery, the slow transformation of non-living materials into simple life may be accepted. Most scientists are convinced that some type of natural process was involved in this transformation. The sequence of natural process is not known. The essential missing pieces of the natural process are yet to be discovered. Until we are able to discover, it is acceptable to believe that only the God has created life.

     The theory of evolution is one of the great intellectual revolutions of human history, drastically changing our perception of the world and of our place in it. Charles Darwin put forth a coherent theory of evolution and put forward many evidences in support of his theory which was entirely based on natural selection.  The struggle for resources (what Darwin called the struggle for existence) will favour some variations in some individuals and thereby change the frequency of traits within the population. But, we should keep in our mind that finally those variations which are selected by nature survive and those which are not selected by nature they perish.

    The human beings should have an appreciation for nature; it is composed of animals, plants including human beings. All the life forms are interconnected with each other through a complex cycle. The better understanding of each component of the nature is the need of hour. Our interaction with other life forms should be in a disciplined manner only then we can make our life better. Some animals are misunderstood as human killers, it is because we do not understand why they behave in that manner. Zoology, a branch of science enables us to learn their behavior and their habitat. It also helps us to understand animal biodiversity, the threats of climate change and managing the population of vectors of disease or pest of agriculture. Animals are also important model organisms providing insights into genomics, physiology and behavior which has led to many advances in the medical sciences.

     No doubt development is needed to grow in terms of economy; however, it should not be at the cost of our ecosystem. We should follow the principle of live and let live, and understand the basic fact that every living creature has the right to own a habitat as a zoologist one should always advocate for conservation of natural habitat of animals.

Prof. Fayaz Ahmad
Head Of Department