One week workshop on the theme Diversity in Animal Kingdom

Department of Zoology is organizing a one-week workshop jointly with the Govt. Degree College Bijbehara for the undergraduate students to introduce them to various Phyla of Animal Kingdom through special lectures and tour to the museum of Zoology University of Kashmir which is one of the richest museums in terms of the collection and rare specimens.

The students who have only seen various organisms on television and photographs will have the opportunity to watch and observe those organisms in our museum which belong to diverse animal phyla, different classes, and orders. The experts of the subject will elaborate them the significance, characters, and their behavior. Moreover, the students in the Colleges are more curious to know about the university to which they are affiliated in this way we are trying to respect their desire as most of them will not be able to join the university after their graduation. This is going to be one of the unique event in terms that we are one way or other performing our job as a parent body to stand with our affiliated colleges not having such facility thus helping the society as our responsibility.

It is pertinent to mention that in the museum of the Department of Zoology, the University of Kashmir, more than 400 invertebrate and 300 vertebrate animal specimens are maintained in its scientific collections. The collections are arranged according to a Zoological system. Many of its displays like Hangul deer (state animal of J&K), Snow leopard, Tiger, Black bear, Brown bear, snakes, poisonous lizard (Heloderma), African clawed toad, Local Schizothoracine fishes and trouts, sponges, corals, etc. are unique.

  • Event Date: 20-Sep-2021 - 26-Sep-2021
  • Venue: Department of Zoology, University of Kashmir
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